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Art is everything that a person creates with the consciousness of bringing something closer to other people, of showing them something. An artist is the one who does it. He lets it flow, out of himself, without any fuss.

Anni Holliday works with her ideas. Visions are put on Aludibond. Here, Pop Art pictures with a sensational expressiveness are created. A simple flower becomes a 3D work of art or a multitude of fish a statement of life.

Anni Holliday moves life in 3D.

Anni Holliday has been driven by art since her childhood. Even in those early days, she spent hours painting figures, pictures and structures. Through the inspiration of the master James Rizzi, the pictures have been created in the present way for 20 years. Not art school, but many superfluous management meetings and telephone conferences have given rise to a multitude of ideas for paintings over the years. Only after she turned her back on a large German bank in 2019 was she free to fully realise her visions and ideas.

Her pictures are based on self-painted images as well as on photographs taken by her. These are produced in aluminum dibond and subsequently provided with an effective 3D construction. The material is highly glossy and reflective, so that an impression of glass or water is created.

Unfortunately, due to the Corona pandemic, all planned sales events and exhibitions had to be cancelled. Next year it will be more colorful!


Discover the work of Anni Holliday

Sahara 2 (2019)
Sahara 4 (Triptychon, 2019)
Precious (2020)
Liebe 1 (2018)
Unidirectional Flow (2018)
Caribbean Current (2018)
Oceanic Hiccup (2018)
Circle (2018)
Underwater Rainbow (2018)
Star Flower 1 (2018)
Happy Child (2019)
Happy Child Dreaming (2019)

The pictures of Anni Holliday can of course be bought.

Edition of 10 pieces per motif. Each work is handmade by the artist. This means that each work contains slight individual variations. However, the overall character of the picture is identical. You will receive a certificate with your purchase.

Price List (05/2021)


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